Your Business needs to be utilizing Social Media Marketing to bring in quality targeted leads. Facebook & Instagram are currently the most cost-effective platforms with the highest ROI. Start generating leads with a proven social media marketing system! Start with LeFeverSolutions Today!
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my name is Lucas LeFever & I'm The founder & ceo.
Team up with me and my team to grow your business!
  • Hourly Consulting Call on Digital Strategy, Competitor Analysis, and Customer Growth.
  •  Learn How To Grow Your Brand
  •  Utilize Cutting Edge Marketing Techniques
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Social Media Management.
We offer a full-service social media management service. It's difficult to post to every channel at the right time. More importantly, staying on top of people commenting, asking questions, and looking for service assistance. We distribute your content at the best time for maximum brand awareness and engagement. 
Organically Generate Business from the power of search engines. Have you noticed your competition ranking better for the same business? Start dominating your area of business with our search engine optimization service.
Here are some of our most common questions...
How much does each service cost?
Prices vary depending on the service & complexity of the project. We provide free estimates for a specific service, don't hesitate to contact us. We don't try to sell you something just to sell you. We care about our customers, and point them to the best service suited for their objectives. Setup a Strategy Call Below!
What service is best for my business?
If your primary objective is to generate leads for your business, we will nine times out of ten recommend our social media marketing service. This includes dominating Facebook & Instagram with paid campaigns driven by data decisions. 
Do you accept credit cards?
We accept all major credit cards. This is our preferred method for payment.
How do I start with your social media marketing service?
Click one of the Buttons found throughout the site, and we will reach out to you! It's as easy as that. We will setup a strategy call to uncover more information about your overall objectives.
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